U.S. Congressman Hansen Clarke Visits Attica Hydraulic Exchange

(Chesterfield, Mich.) - United States Congressman Hansen Clarke visited hydraulics repair and remanufacturer Attica Hydraulic Exchange, Inc. on September 19 to get a first-hand look at how this Michigan businesses is adding high-paying jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector. In the past 12 months, Attica has added more than 25 new jobs at its Chesterfield location, including sales and marketing, financial functions, engineering and specialized manufacturing positions.

Attica Hydraulic Exchange provides state of the art components, parts, repairs and remanufactured units for all major fluid power manufacturers’ product lines, serving the needs of industrial distribution houses, hydraulic dealers and customers in construction and mining. The company has operated in the Detroit area for 35 years, but its growth has accelerated in the past year. Attica CEO, Shirish Pareek, says he called Congressman Clarke several weeks ago and invited him to visit the location where Attica is employing sustainable manufacturing principles to create jobs.

“Our primary business is in remanufacturing hydraulic equipment, which keeps jobs in our own country and keeps parts out of landfills,” Pareek says. “It’s a very green manufacturing environment, because for every piece of equipment that is remanufactured, we are reducing energy consumption, reducing carbon emission and saving natural resources such as metals found in these components.”

Once Attica remanufactures hydraulic equipment, it offers the same warranty and guarantees the same or superior performance as new equipment, at half the cost and with substantial environmental advantages. “For a government that is committed to creating jobs and expanding infrastructure, Attica Hydraulic Exchange is a perfect partner. Governments at the state and local levels, as well as through the military, buy millions and millions of dollars worth of hydraulic equipment every year,” he says.

In addition to job growth in the past year, Pareek says Attica is actively looking to hire additional personnel and will continue to make significant capital investments in the business. “With our expanding workforce and capacity, Attica is in a position to help the state level and U.S. government use remanufactured hydraulic units v/s replace with new. This will keep government costs down, help create advanced manufacturing jobs and will be good for environment.”

This month, Congressman Clarke will introduce legislation to create the Detroit Jobs Trust Fund that would collect all federal taxes paid by Detroit residents and businesses over a 5-year period, and invest those dollars back into the city to create jobs, fund education, expand public safety and build infrastructure. “Metro Detroit has the potential to re-emerge as an engine of national economic growth,” Clarke says. “When companies invest in Detroit, they not only put Detroiters back to work, but because of our advanced manufacturing expertise, they’ll likely create jobs for a lot of other Americans too. For every job that Attica Hydraulic Exchange creates, we strengthen the Michigan economy, and expand workforce opportunities for the whole nation.”

About Attica Hydraulic Exchange - Attica Hydraulic Exchange is a leading worldwide remanufacturer and distributor of all major makes and brands of quality hydraulic pumps, motors, valves/servo and cylinders for a vast variety of industrial, mobile, mining and oil-field applications. It has been majority owned by Stonebridge Partners, a private equity firm based in White Plains, New York, since July of 2011. It is a subsidiary of Hydraulex Global.