Significant Savings, Reduced Downtime & Industry-Best Warranty

When it comes to remanufactured units and parts, none compare to a Hydraulex Reman. With our remans you can expect substantial cost savings and reduced downtime, as well as, a level of performance that matches the OEMs. When you choose a Hydraulex Reman, you’re getting a top quality, worry-free product that’s backed by an industry-best 24-month warranty.

Hydraulex Reman brand logo on white background.
Yellow painted Hydraulex Reman Vickers hydraulic pumps lined up on bench.

Plug and Play

Remanufactured units come ready to install and can significantly lower downtime and repair costs - no waiting for a rebuild or repair on your current unit. You get back to work faster and with peace of mind knowing our reman units provide unmatched quality and performance.

With a Hydraulex Reman unit you get:

  • A Ready-to-install unit
  • Performance and reliability of a new OEM unit at a fraction of the cost
  • Every unit/part is quality engineered to deliver OEM level performance
  • A product that is put through rigorous quality checks, inspections and testing procedures
  • A unit that is covered by our 18 month warranty - same as new

Peace of Mind

When you choose a Hydraulex Reman you also get the added benefit of peace of mind. All Hydraulex Reman units are put through several levels of quality control before the unit even makes it to the test stand. All internal parts are inspected during assembly and mated together for optimum efficiency. Furthermore, each unit is thoroughly tested and set to OEM specifications.

  • Every one of our test benches is equipped with contamination control filtration units - this helps ensure you get a contaminant free unit that will provide optimum performance and longevity
  • All units are 100% performance tested on in-house test stands specifically designed for their applications and set to OEM specifications before they leave any of our facilities
  • Hydraulex Reman units are covered by our industry-best 24-month warranty
Hydraulex Reman units being tested and set to OCM specifications on custom built test stands at our Detroit headquarters.

Significant Savings

Our Hydraulex Reman units offer you an affordable alternative to the costly and timely replacement of a new component. You get the performance and reliability of a new OEM unit at a fraction of the cost.

Extensive Inventory

Our already extensive inventory of Hydraulex Reman units is constantly growing. Our expanding inventory gives you options and flexibility when it comes to your component needs. You also get the added benefit of minimizing downtime significantly due to our large inventory of ready to install Hydraulex Reman units.

OEM Level Performance

Every Hydraulex Reman unit is quality engineered to deliver OEM level performance. All units and parts are thoroughly inspected, machined and/or replaced when necessary, and then reassembled. Furthermore, each unit is tested and set to OEM specs.


At Hydraulex we strive to provide an extensive inventory of remanufactured products that deliver OEM-level performance and repair services that keep a unit up and running for another lifecycle. It is with this same passion and drive that Hydraulex is proud to do our part towards a more sustainable future.

Our process of remanufacturing hydraulic components back to new OEM specifications, cuts back on the need to produce new parts and units out of raw materials. Through remanufacturing, we help keep the need for new resources down and existing ones in continued use for many years to come. We also reduce waste, reduce our impact on the environment and save you money in the process.

Contact us to find out how a Hydraulex Reman unit can save you money and help the environment.