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Expert Proportional Valve Electronic Amplifier Repairs

Proportional Valve Electronic Amplifier Repairs | Proportional Valve Electronics Repair Services

  • Vickers - EEA-PAM, EHA-PID, EHA-PSU, EM-*, K*DG*-A, K*DG*-AR
  • Bosch - VT-V, VT-KRR, VT-MA, VT-MS, VT-VAR, 0811-405
  • Rexroth - VT3*, VT5*, VT2*, VS
  • Parker - AM*, BD*, ED00*, ET*, EW*
  • Moog - E122, N123

We are capable of repairing the electronics of many different models of proportional valves from a variety of manufacturers. Our expertise and equipment give you the highest quality repair possible. Your component doesn’t leave our facility until it has been dynamically tested with the correct OEM valve, ensuring it is optimized and ready for use. Furthermore, all repairs are performed in-house, minimizing costs and downtime. These repairs carry a standard 5 day turn-around, however, expedited service is available for a minimal fee.

We provide expert proportional valve electronic amplifier repairs on Vickers®, Moog®, Bosch®/Rexroth®, Atos®, Parker® & Denison®.

How the Repair Process Works

  1. Contact us and we will let you know if your unit is one we can repair.
  2. Send in your unit. Clearly marking you are looking for a quote for repair.
  3. We will breakdown and evaluate your unit to determine the problem for FREE.
  4. We will contact you to inform you of what we found, give you a quote for repair and a timeframe for completion, or let you know if we cannot repair it.
  5. Approve the repair and we begin working on your component.


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