The latest Tariffs on our hydraulic products

(Chesterfield, Mich.) - As many of you are aware, late last year select Metaris and Benchmark product ranges were assessed tariff surcharges due to the trade restrictions/tariffs set between the United States Government and China. Since then, we've worked diligently on mitigating and minimizing those increases to you. In some instances, reverting back to pricing before the tariff surcharges took effect even.

With the latest round of tariff increases and added products to be impacted by them, we wanted to take a moment to assure you all that we have no plans for tariff increases or price increases in the near future.

That said, Hydraulex will continue to work to mitigate the impact of these tariffs, and continue to strive to ensure you can always depend on us to supply the quality products and customer service required to succeed.