New Aftermarket Interchange Units Available

Our Genuine Metaris DSG-01 Series Directional Valves are an interchange valve option that is substantially higher performance and engineered for higher pressure & higher flow, with lower pressure drop when compared to the standard D03 pattern valves. These valves do utilize the D03/NG6 mounting pattern and are available in a Terminal Box type and a Plug-in Connector type design. This is a proven design that is highly stable and reliable in operation and are IP65 rated for dust and water exposure.

These are excellent direct interchange options for Vickers® DG4V3 High Performance Directional Valves. Common valve configurations we stock can be viewed in the 'Cross Ref. List' tab below.

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Angle photo of two Genuine Metaris DSG-01 Series Directional Valves on white background with Metaris logo.

High Pressure Solenoid Operated Directional Valves

  • Engineered for high pressure & high flow rates
  • Maximum operating pressure of 4,570 - 5,080 psi (315 - 350 bar)
  • Maximum T-Line back pressure of 2,320 - 3,050 psi (160 - 210 bar)
  • Maximum flow rate of 16.6 - 26.4 gpm (63 - 100 L/min)
  • Low pressure drops which reduce energy consumption
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Terminal Box type and Plug-in Connector type available
  • Multiple options for model code configuration
  • D03/NG6 Mounting Pattern Designs
  • Direct interchange option for Vickers® DG4V3 High Performance Valves

Model Code Breakdown

Metaris DSG-01 Directional Valve Model Code Breakdown on white color background

Common Cross Reference List

Metaris Code Vickers Code
DSG-01-2B2-D24-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-2A-M-U-H7-60
DSG-01-3C2-D24-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-2C-M-U-H7-60
DSG-01-3C2-D24-70-90 DG4V-3-2C-M-FW-H7-60
DSG-01-2D2-D24-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-2N-M-U-H7-60
DSG-01-3C4-A120-70-90 DG4V-3-6C-M-FW-B6-60
DSG-01-2B2-A120-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-2A-M-U-B6-60
DSG-01-2B2-A120-70-90 DG4V-3-2A-M-FW-B6-60
DSG-01-3C2-A120-70-90 DG4V-3-2C-M-FTWL-B6-60
DSG-01-3C2-A120-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-2C-M-U-B6-60
DSG-01-3C2-D12-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-2C-M-U-G7-60
DSG-01-2B2-D12-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-2A-M-U-G7-60
DSG-01-3C60-A120-70-90 DG4V-3-8CV-M-FW-B6-60
DSG-01-3C60-D24-N1-70-90 DG4V-3-8CV-M-U-H7-60
DSG-01-3C60-D12-70-90 DG4V-3-8CV-M-FW-G7-60


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