8-Bolt Heavy Duty Power Take-offs

For extreme continuous duty applications, the Metaris 8 Bolt Heavy Duty PTO is the operator's choice. Heavy wall cast iron construction, high torque spur gears and extra heavy duty bearings, provide the torque and endurance needed for tough applications. Our PTOs are functional replacements for Muncie®, Chelsea® and Bezares® PTOs.

We also stock a Standard Duty 6 & 8-Bolt PTO.

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MHD8 Series Heavy Duty Power Take-offs - Metaris

Durable and Reliable PTOs that are Built to Last

  • Cast iron construction
  • Heavy duty output bearings
  • Oversized assembly bolts
  • Several mounting flange and shifter options
  • Standard and heavy duty applications available
  • Compatible with a variety of transmission manufacturers
  • Fit, form and function replacements for common OEM PTOs like: Muncie®, Chelsea® and Bezares®

MHD8 Heavy Duty PTO Specifications

PTO Type PTO Series Intermittent Torque
HP at 500 RPM Output Speed HP at 1000 RPM Output Speed
Heavy Duty MHD8 420 40 80

MHD8 Series Power Take-off Model Code Breakdown

MHD8 Series Power Take-off Model Code Breakdown


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