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MH30/31 Series Bearing Style Gear Pump

Genuine Metaris MH30/31 series bearing pumps & motors are available in 7 different gear sizes with a variety of mounting flanges, shaft configurations and porting options. Multi-section units, piggyback designs, dowelled assemblies & flow dividers are all also available. With ductile iron housings, these pumps offer pressure ratings as high as 3000 psi for the most demanding of applications. The MH series are perfect alternatives to other gear pump products from Commercial®/Parker®, Permco® and Muncie®.

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MH30/31 Series Gear Pumps - Metaris

Designed for High Efficiency Output

  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • 8 different gear sizes available
  • Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Design
  • Dowelled and Rugged Cast Iron Construction
  • Pressure balanced wear plates
  • Pressures up to 3000 psi
  • Speeds up to 2400 rpm
  • Multiple porting options
  • High Strength Steel Gear & Shaft Sets
  • Multiple Bearing Carrier Options
  • Variety of Mounting Flange and Shaft Options
  • Alternatives for Commercial®/Parker®, Permco® and Muncie® gear products

Metaris MH30/31 Series Gear Pump Specifications

Gear Size Displacement
(in³ / cm³)
Max RPM Max Pressure (Dowelled)
(PSI / bar)
(Lbs / Kgs)
.05 .99 / 16.1 2400 3000 / 207 30 / 14
.07 1.48 / 24.2 2400 3000 / 207 31 / 14
1.00 1.97 / 32.3 2400 3000 / 207 32 / 15
1.25 2.46 / 40.4 2400 3000 / 207 33 / 15
1.50 2.96 / 48.4 2400 3000 / 207 34 / 15
1.75 3.45 / 56.5 2400 2500 / 172 35 / 16
2.00 3.94 / 64.6 2400 2500 / 172 36 / 16

Weights shown are for single unit pumps/motors.

MH30/31 Series Gear Pump Model Code Breakdown

MH30/31 Series Gear Pump Model Code Breakdown


MH30/31 Series Gear Pump Cut Sheet   Download/View
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Metaris Product Catalog   Download/View

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