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New Aftermarket Interchange Units

MV Series intra-vane design pumps are the workhorse in industrial applications. The 12 vane design, with noise ratings as low as 62 dB(A) makes this the ideal pump for the confined spaces of the industrial workplace. The Metaris MV pumps offer high volumetric efficiencies, pressures to 3000 psi and time proven reliability.

MVQ Series intra-vane pumps for the mobile market are unmatched in reliability and service. The 10 vane design offers the capability of speeds and pressures required for the mobile environment.

The MV & MVQ series are both available with Through-drive capability.

These units are fit, form and function replacements for Vickers® V & VQ series components.

Tandem Pumps Available in Series:

  • V2010 / V2020
  • 2520V / VQ
  • 3520V / VQ, 3525V / VQ
  • 520V / VQ, 4525V / VQ, 4535V / VQ

Triple Pumps Available in Series:

  • 2520VQSV10
  • 3525VQSV10
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Metaris V & VQ Series Vane Pumps - Vickers - New Aftermarket Interchange

Industrial and Mobile Vane Pumps

  • MV series and MVQ series available
  • Intra-vane design
  • MV ideal for confined spaces in Industrial applications
  • High volumetric efficiencies
  • Pressures up to 3000 psi
  • Both series available with Through-drive capabilities
  • Replacement parts also available
  • Direct replacements for Vickers® V & VQ series

MV & MVQ Series Vane Pumps Specifications

Pump Series Displacement
Max RPM Flow at 1200 RPM
Max Pressure (psi)
20V / VQ 1.1 - 2.80 2400 5.71 - 14.55 3000
25V / VQ 2.47 - 4.12 2400 12.83 - 21.40 3000
35V / VQ 4.12 - 7.42 2400 21.40 - 38.55 3000
45V / VQ 8.46 - 11.80 2400 43.95 - 61.30 3000

MV & MVQ Series Vane Pump Model Code Breakdown

Please refer to the Metaris Vane Pump Technical Catalog for model code breakdowns of units. You can view this on our Literature Page (link above in header) or by clicking the Literature tab to the right of this tab and clicking the link to the technical catalog.


Metaris MV & MVQ Series Technical Catalog   Download/View
Metaris Product Catalog   Download/View