Now Supplying Kawasaki K3VL Service Units & Parts

(Chesterfield, Mich.) - Delivering the most popular models of the K3VL series product line. We’re excited to announce we can now supply factory new genuine Kawasaki® K3VL series service parts and units—all priced very competitively. This includes 28, 45, 60, 80, 112, 140 and 200 frame sizes with splined or keyed shafts, as well as the common wear parts associated with these units such as rotating groups, shafts, swash plates, bearings, seal kits and more.

You can order these units and parts through our Seattle division by calling 1.800.323.8416, or emailing

Now supplying:

  • K3VL28 size units
  • K3VL45 size units
  • K3VL60 size units
  • K3VL80 size units
  • K3VL112 size units
  • K3VL140 size units
  • K3VL200 size units
  • Through-drive configurations
  • Replacement parts

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