MHUP Series Unloader Pump for Refuse Industry

The MHUP Unloader Pump is ideally suited for the refuse market. The MHUP can be retrofitted on existing packers without major system changes. The integral 12 VDC solenoid can be operated from the cab, allowing the operator to shift the pump from the work mode to standby mode. The rugged 4 bolt mounting can be installed at the PTO or front mounting off the crankshaft.

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MHUP Series Unloader Pump - Metaris

Ideally suited for the Refuse Market

  • Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Design
  • 4 different gear sizes available
  • MHUP can be operated from the cab
  • Can be retrofitted onto existing packers without major changes
  • Pressures up to 3000 psi
  • Speeds up to 2500 rpm
  • High Strength Steel Gear & Shaft Sets

Metaris MHUP Series Unloader Pump Specifications

Pump Series Displacement
(in³ / cm³)
Max RPM Flow at 1000 RPM
Pressure (psi)
MHUP 27 6.1 / 102 2500 27 / 102 3000
MHUP 31 7.11 / 117 2500 31 / 117 3000
MHUP 35 8.2 / 132 2400 35 / 132 2750
MHUP 40 9.27 / 151 2300 40 / 151 2750

MHUP Series Unloader Pump Model Code Breakdown

MHUP Series Unloader Pump Model Code Breakdown


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