For Hitachi Mining Shovels and Excavators/Backhoes

We remanufacture swing motors and travel motors for Hitachi EX1200, EX1900, EX2500, EX2600, EX3600, EX5500 & EX8000 series mining shovels and excavators/backhoes. These units are built with parts that meet or exceed OEM spec and are fully tested before they leave our facilities. We also commonly repair these motors as well.

OEM part numbers we currently supply and/or repair:

  • EX1200 - PG200649, 4436228, 4668923
  • EX1900 - 4689079, 4452009, 4626845, PG200461, PG200479, 4396991, PG200665
  • EX2500 - 4439384, 4440905, 4477062, PG200657
  • EX2600 - 4439384, 4440905, 4477062, PG200657
  • EX3600 - 4439384, 4440905, 4396991, PG200665
  • EX5500 - 4439384, 4440905, 4477062, PG200657
  • EX5600 - 4439384, 4440905, 4477062, PG200657
  • EX8000 - 4439384, 4440905, 4477062, PG200657
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Remanufactured Swing Motors & Travel Motors for Hitachi Mining Shovels and Excavators/Backhoes

Unparalleled Inventory & Quality

  • On-the-shelf availability
  • Motors subject to complete dynamic load test
  • Over 15 dedicated test stands
  • Save on cost and lead time over OEM
  • All pumps meet or exceed original manufacturers' specifications
  • Unmatched inventory, test capabilities, and technical knowledge
  • Free repair evaluations
  • Comprehensive 18 month warranty

FREE Repair Evaluations & Quotes

Whether we have your unit in stock or not, repair is always an option. In fact, it may be your BEST option for obsolete and hard to find hydraulic pumps and motors. Letting us repair your unit can also be drastically cheaper than replacing it, especially if parts are hard to come by.

Contact us if you're interested in or in need of a repair on your hydraulic swing motor or travel motor.


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